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Morning Consult turns numbers into next steps. We help decision makers better understand their customers, competitors and markets through our industry leading high-frequency research technology and prescriptive solutions.

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“To me, that’s been the biggest impact is being able to provide people with the see, touch and smell of this world of data and complexity.

“We've not worked with another vendor in our corporate space that really has the breadth, depth and insight knowledge that we’ve seen with the Morning Consult capabilities.”

“When that data comes back it’s insightful, it’s actionable, it’s presented in a clear and compelling way, and that helps us make more informed decisions.

Why Choose Morning Consult

Only our Decision Intelligence capabilities combine to deliver the predictive foresight needed to win in today’s rapidly changing market.

30,000+ interviews per day

We conduct more interviews in a day than most do in a year. Morning Consult’s high-frequency data collection means customers can understand what people think in real time and identify opportunities and risks faster than anyone else.

100+ countries

We’ve built high-quality samples in the largest and emerging markets, so you can know what people think, value and believe in nearly every corner of the world.

35 Million Data Points

We’ve collected more than 35 million interviews on demographic, psychographic, brand perceptions, economic confidence and political attitudes, giving us the historical context needed to provide prescriptive and predictive insights on what people will do. 

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