Imagine having foresight to back every decision. 

Welcome to Decision Intelligence.

We’re reimagining decision-making. Here’s how:

Insights with enough time to act

Most global market research is stale by the time you get results. By contrast, our high-frequency data technology produces meaningful intel within days of the initial request.

Artificial intelligence that anticipates the future

Conventional research can describe what’s happening in the world. But only Morning Consult can answer the question that is most critical to your organization: what to do next.

A strategic roadmap — not just a readout

We don’t simply hand over survey results. Our data scientists and analysts find the story in the data, helping your team turn our predictive analytics into actionable strategies.

Cloud-based platform designed for taking action

Data experts and novices alike can easily collaborate in our Intelligence platform. Our proprietary API allows users fast and seamless access to data — no need to submit a request.

Decision-making solutions built for you




Corporate Finance

Thousands of other marketers compete for your customers each day. Our prescriptive analysis helps your team design campaigns that hold their attention and build brands that win their trust.

Are your efforts actually improving your brand reputation metrics? We can help you plan strategies that resonate with your audiences — and track the results in real time with our high-frequency survey research.

Do you know what matters most in the markets you care about? Our high-frequency data and predictive analysis produce rich, rigorous insights on target consumers in as little as 48 hours (or even less).

Can your organization withstand the next political, economic or public health crisis? Our future-focused intelligence will prepare you for whatever challenges come your way and ensure financial growth.

Over 500 leading global organizations rely on Morning Consult for Decision Intelligence

Featured Case Study


With us, Visa has a proactive partner who actively searches for ways the communications team can strengthen its reputation with priority audiences — and ultimately impact the bottom line.


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