Sustainability Report 2022

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Coming Soon: What Sustainability Means to Consumers

On September 20, Morning Consult will release its main sustainability report — part of our larger “What Sustainability Means to Consumers” project — which gathers the view of 2,210 U.S. adults on what sustainable actions consumers expect from the brands they purchase from.

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Consumer attitudes: U.S. adults are broadly familiar with common sustainability concepts like “energy conservation” and “renewable resources,” but a gap exists between familiarity and being able to demonstrate understanding of certain topics, such as identifying a renewable resource or knowing what ESG stands for.

Consumer behaviors: Members of the public graded their sustainability efforts as better than others in their community, corporations and the government, even as a majority admit their individual actions have a “minor” impact.

Brand actions: Consumers were most likely to say the auto industry has done the most harm toward climate change, while tech has done the most good. Respondents also gave food & beverage the number two spot among industries for which sustainability is most important.

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